This is a website for support of Longer PC programmable remote control and PC based remote control.
This website contains below parts:
  • ------ Brief introduction for each kinds of PC programmable remote control
  • ------ User Manual of each kinds of PC programmable remote control
  • ------ Offer software downlaoding of each kinds of PC programmable remote control
  • ------ web-based database browse, search, upload, download, ask, answer, comment and rate
  • ------ Any topic about PC programmable remote control
PC programmable remote control contains 3 types according to programming mode, that is USB/IR communication mode, USB cable direct connecting mode, 5 pins cable mode.
USB/IR communication mode diagram USB cable direct connecting mode diagram 5 pins cable mode diagram
Besides, with programmer and USB remote, PC can be used as universal remote control, which can be set Macro function and Timer function.
PC-based Remote Control duagram
News about website:
2011-10-29 Update Software V4 and User Manual V12.
2011-10-9 New website is opened.
2011-11-26 Update Software V4 and User Manual V13. New codes quantity is added to 405302pcs.
2011-11-28 Update Software of cable mode programmable remote control to Version1.0.2.54.
2011-11-30 Update Software V4 to Version4.0.3.285. Modify a bug in transmitting search.
2011-12-26 Update Software V4 to Version4.0.4.14. Update new codes up to 405497pcs.Modify some small bug.
2012-04-10 Update Software V4 to Version4.0.6.23. Update new codes up to 405910pcs. Add keymap and print function. Update key name in table.
Combine standard version and lite version(V5).
2012-08-13 Update Software V4 to Version4.0.7.4.
2012-09-15 Test Version Version4.0.8.1. Adding that the learned code(RED color result) can be programmed and transmitted directly.
2013-02-06 Update Software to Version4.1.0.31. Adding member management function, end user license agreement and far distance learning mode,also update near distance learning function. The updated database will be put into "Internet Shared Database."
2013-02-21 Update Software to Version4.1.0.42. Updating the bug that is unable to re-write modified codes.
2013-04-06 Update Software to Version4.1.0.45. Updating the bug that "Can't be identified" for blank models.
2013-07-21 Update Software to Version4.1.0.46. Update database.